o­n 9thApril, 2017, Western Railway is all geared-up to undertake a Jumbo Block between Marine Lines & Mahim and they have a reason to cheer. What makes this block so special is that it marks the 1000th such Jumbo Block being operated by W.Rly over its suburban section.

            As stated by Shri Ravinder Bhakar, Chief Public Relations Officer, Western Railway in a Press Release, the first Jumbo Block o­n Western Railway Suburban section was planned & operated o­n 22nd October, 1995 between Borivali & Goregaon o­n the UP & DOWN FAST Lines and the pattern was followed wherein such blocks of almost 3 to 5 hrs were undertaken, mostly o­n Sundays or Saturdays. The traffic department of the Division was entrusted with the o­nus of planning the diversions and cancellation of suburban services. It is so meticulously planned that there is minimum inconvenience caused to travelling passengers.

 The Jumbo Block is conducted in order to carry out maintenance work of tracks, signlling & overhead equipments, which is jointly undertaken by Engineering, Electrical & Signalling departments of that particular section. The main motive has been to give high priority to the improvement of the current infrastructure and also with an emphasis o­n preventive maintenance. This weekend, brace yourself patiently to this noble cause by W. Rly, as it undertakes its 1000th Jumbo Block on DOWN LOCAL (slow) line between Marine Lines & Mahim between 10.35 to 15.35 hrs.


Western Railway's Jumbo block will be carried out from 10.35 hrs to 15.35 hrs o­n Sunday, 9th April, 2017 o­n Down Local (i.e. slow) line between Marine Lines and Mahim Jn. for maintenance of track, signalling and overhead equipments.

During the block, all Down slow line trains will be operated o­n Down through lines (i.e. fast lines) between Marine Lines and Mahim Jn. These diverted trains will not halt at Mahalaxmi, Elphinstone Road, and Matunga Road for want of platform, hence passengers are allowed to travel in opposite direction for their destinations between Bandra & Mumbai Central stations.

All slow services will take double halt at Lower Parel and Mahim Jn. Due to the block, some Up and Down local trains will remain cancelled, the information for which will be available at all stations in the suburban section. Passengers are requested to please take note of the above arrangements.